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The Technology Behind Auto Insurance Quoting

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The Mechanics of a Car Insurance Quote

Purchasing auto insurance in Texas can be difficult and time consuming to shop.  Many people call around to several of the captive carriers like State Farm and All State to get auto quotes which can take hours or even days to thoroughly review.  

However, today’s technology enables independent insurance brokers like I H S Insurance Group LLC to shop multiple highly rated insurance carriers within minutes all from one platform.

The EZ Lynx Software Platform

I H S Insurance Group LLC recently implemented the EZ Lynx software platform which combines powerful customer relations management systems with quoting and binding systems for a more streamlined and efficient approach to servicing and selling auto, home, renters, and umbrella insurance.  

This powerful piece of technology enables the end consumer the ability to get car insurance quotes from dozens of A rated insurers within minutes by simply entering basic information into the quoting system.

Gone are the days when our staff had to manually log into a number of different insurance carriers’ sites to redundantly enter client information over and over again in order to get an auto insurance quote.  

I H S can now send you this questionnaire link directly to your inbox for you to complete. Or, if you prefer, you can simply give our sales staff the required information over the telephone for manual entry on our end.

How EZ Lynx’s Software Works

The quoting system will need basic information such as: drivers’ date of birth, Texas drivers’ license numbers, VIN numbers, and home address.  Once all this information is entered into the system, EZ lynx does the rest.

Within just a few seconds of submission, EZ Lynx will provide multiple quotes from top auto insurance carriers in the state of Texas.  Now these quotes are subject to underwriting review. However, quotes will be fairly accurate since the system links directly to dozens of insurance carrier’s websites.

During this quoting process, insurance carriers will verify credit and overall insurance score.  And, some will look at past tickets and accidents to determine a rate within a matter of moments. Occasionally, a prior accident could be missed or an additional driver may not be found under the system, which could affect the final rate.

However, for those with clean records, the rates listed under the insurance quotes are very close to accurate.   This technology enables I H S to work so much more efficiently and is a valuable time saving tool for you the consumer.

EZ Lynx Agency Management

Not only does EZ Lynx perform quoting with ease, but it serves as an invaluable agency management and customer service system.  There are so many different variables and options with respect to auto insurance and EZ Lynx makes finding and accessing any facet of a client’s coverage details as simple as sending an email.  Our customer service representatives can quickly and efficiently handle any requests from our clients thanks to this cutting edge technology.

IHS’s Internal Security Measures

Securing your data from breach or theft is of utmost importance to I H S.  One can never be too careful when it relates to safeguarding customer information.  For this reason, I H S never stores any physical paper in our office. If any information must be stored temporarily on physical paper, it is always shredded and backed up electronically under EZ Lynx under a secure and encrypted cloud based system.  

Your Personalized Web Link

This cutting edge agency management system also empowers our customers by providing you a personalized web link where you can even access all your policy documents and details via the web from any computer or mobile device.  This could certainly come in handy if you were to need a duplicate copy of your ID card after normal business hours for example.

In this case, you could enter your name and email address and instantly access all your policy related information such as: policy, ID cards, premiums notices and premium amounts, and many other details.  

Of course you could always call the office during normal business hours and one of our representatives would gladly give you this information. However, if it’s after normal office hours or on a weekend, it would be nice to be able to look at your coverage details remotely in just a few seconds!

IHS Insurance Group: On the Edge of Innovation

I H S Insurance Group is always looking for innovative ways to improve how we do business for the benefit of our customers.  We are an independent agency with access to dozens of A-rated insurance carriers and will work hard to place you with the right plan at a price you can afford.  

What is more, our renewal specialists will contact you before the renewal of your coverage at least annually to discuss any changes to your lifestyle or coverage needs that could affect your insurance plan and to shop different carriers as necessary.  

We are committed to making your insurance buying experience as easy as possible and want to work hard to earn your business for life!