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Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplemental InsuranceDetails About Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement plans or “Medigap” plans, as they are sometimes referred to do just that!  They supplement Original Medicare Part A and B and are designed to cover most of your Hospital and or Medical Part B expenses left off by Medicare.  That is of course if your Doctor is willing to take Original Medicare. Typically, if your provider accepts “plain old” Original Medicare then they’d take any one of these Federally Standardized Medicare Supplement Plans A through N with a few ultra-high deductible options to choose from.

These Medigap plans are designed to “gap” or supplement Original Medicare and cover most, if not the vast majority, of expenses left off and are accepted at nearly any provider THAT ACCEPTS MEDICARE.  There-in lies the dilemma for so many Seniors, finding it difficult to find providers willing to take OM. Suggestion by the Author would be for you to establish a list of docs while on private insurance, then retire and lock in those Doctor’s ability to accept you!  This is because Doctors would, by a matter of customary practice, accept you as an existing patient and NOT A NEW MEDICARE PATIENT. This supplemental plan would then be accepted by any provider across the country willing to accept your OM.


These Medicare Plans allow you to see any provider that accepts your Medicare and depending upon the standard plan you select, you will have varying degrees of cost sharing up to 20% of what’s left off by the Medicare based on the PFFS(Private-Fee-For-Service Schedule).  This means, for instance, your part B medical expenses could not exceed 20% of the Medicare-approved amounts. However, this sounds like a little much, in reality, most supplements cover this 20% in full, leaving you with very little if any to pay.

One of our licensed and AHIP(America’s Health Insurance Plans) certified agents will be glad to answer all your enrollment questions and get you started with your Medicare Supplement Policy as soon as you are ready. In the mean-time, you can always fill in contact on our site or actually run your own individual quotes directly through our shopping cart feature we have available to you HERE.  It’s completely online and in the comfort of your own home.  Or, you may prefer to check all of our resources we have linked to others to find some valuable information about Medicare and how it relates to your individual Medicare plan.  If you’re interested in more information please visit www.medicare.gov for more detailed information directly from the source.  Thank you for your business and we certainly look forward to giving you as much detailed information as possible.  We currently write insurance in the following states but are based in the State of Texas. Louisiana, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee, New Mexico, Virginia, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, North Carolina, and South Carolina.