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Medicare Part D

Medicare Part DWhat is Medicare Part D?

The Stand Alone Prescription option used with Original Medicare A and B.

Medicare Stand-Alone Part D Drug plans work similar to other types of MA plans and are designed to supplement your outpatient prescription drugs only.  Part D Plans will vary in premiums but they all remain the same in that the enrollment rules are the same as other MAPD(Medicare Advantage Prescription Plans).  Part D plans are sold by most but certainly not all major insurance carriers and vary based on your premium and State of residence. We see premiums as low as 10.40 cents all the way upward of 80.00 per month depending on what you need to be covered in Texas alone.  Medicare.gov will have detailed information regarding detailed part D information. Please make the reference to it.

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The best avenue to take regarding RX plans is to email us a list of your current medications.  We can plug them into the www.medicare.gov system and shop among several highly-rated insurers to obtain the optimal price for the coverage copayment involved.  Medicare’s own shopping tool is really awesome. One we get the name of the medication, dosage, and quantity of medication you are taking we can generate quotes very quickly and get back within a matter of minutes the number 1 through 5 carriers recommended.


Enrollment is a fairly painless process.  We simply complete the application directly with the carrier then an email is sent to you, our client, for approval and submission.  Once approved, our award-winning service teams call you on approval of your contract with the carrier, then follows up with you on your renewal to see how everything is going?  If you like us and our service you simply hire us for another year and receive at least one courtesy call per year to see how you like your coverage? As long as you are satisfied you can always stay with the current insurance carrier.  However, if you feel a change to another type Medicare plan is called for, we will gladly move you into another insurance carrier seamlessly since we try to contract with most major national insurance carriers like BCBS of Texas and Tennessee, Aetna, Humana, United Health Care and more.

In order to enroll you can always fill out a contact form on our website to have one of our licensed insurance agents discuss coverage and benefits or click HERE to see plans and pricing right under Medicare’s own website at: www.medicare.gov From Medicare’s own powerful quoting engine you can see all the plans in your state in one location which we really like a lot.  Or, if you feel ready to give us a call with your prescription information we can then store that RX Info. So, that means we can help you also in the future by simply updating your RX list each year.  Then we would shop through www.medicare.gov on your behalf and come up with the top 3 choices for you based on the portal information.

Once we decide which plan is most suitable for you and you agree with one of our agents, we will then initiate an application for insurance to the insurance carrier of your choice.  If we stumble across one we are not contracted with we typically can submit the enrollment request online if you agree to your purchase via www.medicare.gov We will then save this to your file which then becomes a private record with I H S Insurance Group. Once this information is saved we can then initiate contact during the AEP as to a new selection.  For instance, some people will purchase one part D plan while in one State then subsequently moves to another state of residence. Because I HS services a very large service area for Medicare-related products we may very well have the non-resident License for the states in which you are moving to. We currently service existing clients in our own back year of Texas for sure.  However, we are currently licensed in Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Tennessee, Virginia, Arizona, North and South Carolina, Arkansas. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our award winning Sales staff with a new quote if you’ve never been with us before. If you already went through I H S as your broker before we could have one of our customer service representatives give you a call.  All these ladies in here are licensed and current on any additional annual certifications such as AHIP(America’s Health Insurance Plans). See why thousands across America now trust I H S Insurance Group with all their health, Life, Auto, Home, and Business related quoting binding, and service. Ask one of our professionals today how they make your next insurance purchase experience a lot easier and simpler for you!