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The Smart Home Revolution – 2019

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The Popularity of Smart Home Electronics

Smarter Technology

Home security and monitoring has been revolutionized by smart technology as many things have today.  Gone are the days of the clunky, box security camera and old-fashioned rubber buttoned security panel.  Home Security in 2019 is smarter, affords tremendous convenience and often can be accessed remotely in real time from just about anywhere!

Home security providers who offer full-service systems are still a popular option with many people and many have joined the smart technology trends to keep their customers on board.

Many companies now offer central monitoring, video surveillance, smoke/carbon monoxide detection, heating cooling controls and more all accessible through a digital hub that customers can access wirelessly. Some even include home automation tools so you can control appliances, light bulbs or electrical outlets from anywhere.  

All of these great services often enabled to send text-message alerts in response to specific occurrences, such as when the kids enter the house after school or the power goes out.

Popular Security and Home Automation Features

Here are some of the newest and most popular security and home automation features homeowners in the Houston area are embracing:

Smart Thermostats

Thermostats with integrated smart technology allow you to control and adjust the air conditioning, heating and other temperature settings.  Another great feature, the thermostat can alert you if your home loses power or if the temperature in the house falls or rises outside of your customized set threshold.  An invaluable feature here in the Houston area especially during the hot summer months when pets or kids may be at home alone for a while.

Home Sensors

Smart technology integrated smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors that can interface with a central hub and mobile apps are one of the newest and most exciting new home security and automation features becoming available on the market. This provides remote monitoring and control capabilities beyond the old traditional sensor systems.  The ability to receive an alert when one of these sensor systems detect a problem is a huge leap in preventing a dangerous situation in your home.

Smart Door Locks

Smart locks make entering and securing your home easier than ever!  Many systems offer an automatic locking feature after entry, individualized codes and the ability to lock/unlock the door wirelessly from anywhere on a supported mobile device.   

Smart Appliances, Light Bulbs, Wall Plugs, and More

Who hasn’t turned the corner from home and worried whether they unplugged the iron, turned out a light or possibly left the oven on.  With the newest home automation options these common issues can be tackled in a few seconds by pulling up an app on your phone.

Remotely control lights when you are away, turn off your crock pot by turning off the outlet or even dispense food to your dog’s smart feeder and watch him enjoy his dinner from your smart phone.

Smart Doorbells

Smart Doorbells are one of the biggest trends in smart home security that we’ve notice here in Harris County and surrounding communities.  Smart doorbells send alerts when there is activity at the front door, with some systems it is not even necessary for the button to be pushed for activity to be detected.  Many have high-definition security cameras that allow homeowners to view in real time or even review recorded shots when activity was detected.

Online community networks and social media sites have been flooded here in the Tomball and Cypress, TX area with shared reports of suspicious activity or crimes that include photos or videos of the suspects in action.  This exciting new technology not only assists the homeowner, but is a valuable tool in communicating safety issues to your neighbors in real time with the click of a button.

Of course, even “old-school” tools, such as motion-activated outdoor lights, can still have a big impact on security. So, whether you choose high-tech tools or stick to the basics, you’ll be making your home here in the Houston, Texas a less attractive target for burglars.  

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