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Why Going with an Independent Agency for Home and Auto Insurance Really Matters

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How Independent Agents Can Benefit Your Home and Auto Insurance

Everyone Needs Home and Auto Insurance

Home and Auto Insurance are like a commodity.  Everyone who has a mortgage or has a license to drive an automobile must carry minimum amounts of insurance in order to maintain financing on those assets and stay out of trouble with the department of motor vehicles and safety.  

Insurance is something nearly everyone must have by a matter of law and most coverage options related to these two types of property insurance are nearly standardized with the acceptation of a few options. So, naturally, most consumers gravitate toward one or two well-known names in the insurance world, not knowing how good or bad their rate and coverage limits are.  Or, how good their claims paying abilities really are…That’s where I H S Insurance Group comes in!

Quality Carriers and Affordable Rates

Unlike the big names in Home and Auto insurance where there is just one option for car and home insurance, I H S independently shops from dozens of A-rated insurance carriers to get you the most favorable terms and conditions possible with the highest rated insurers we can find.  

Having an independent source for all your insurance needs puts you back in control by shopping insurance carriers on your behalf and presenting you with multiple quotes from several A-rated insurance companies you’ve actually heard of before.

Quality New Business and Renewal Care

Licensed Insurance Agents at I HS insurance will carefully and skillfully craft a package for your Home and Auto insurance that meets your risk management goals while putting as much of your hard earned money back in your pocket as possible.

We not only do this for you the first year but have an award-winning service and renewals department that works hard day in and out to give you the best, most personalized service experience you will find with any insurance brokerage Agency in the Houston and surrounding areas.  

I H S Insurance Group’s Leader, Michael F. Steele CFP, is committed to maintaining a team of dedicated professionals willing and eager to help you with any insurance decision you may need to make and can make the insurance purchasing experience be as simple and personable as humanly possible.  

Whether you need a duplicate ID card or need to file a claim, trained experts and licensed insurance agents stand ready to quickly and efficiently handle your request because we truly appreciate your business enough to say Thank YOU, our committed customers, for your loyalty over the years, by giving you the best, most efficient customer service experience possible.

Your Source for Home and Auto Insurance Quotes

Get Auto or Home Insurance Quote

We have received notice of your impending renewal of your homeowner’s insurance coverage and would love the opportunity to save you a lot of money on your homeowners and auto insurance as a package or individually.  We shop dozens of A rated insurers to find you great rates with the highest rated insurers in the marketplace today.  

Please complete the questionnaire HERE to view quotes from multiple carriers on your own terms.  Or, if you prefer to have a professional take some information over the phone please, do not hesitate to reach out to us by calling 1-866-341-8542.

Helping Everyone in the Community

Our commitment to service is truly what separates us from most other Insurance Brokerages in the marketplace.  However, another area we really shine in for the benefit of our customers and for those less fortunate than we are is our commitment to those marginalized people within our communities that need a little extra help.  

For this reason, the owner at I H S Insurance Group, has agreed to make donations to charitable organizations like St. Jude for the Children with Cancer. On every new client I HS receives this year and every year for the years in which you have your policies with us, Michael Steele will make an annual contribution to St. Jude for the benefit of the Children stricken with cancer.   

I H S Services are free to you as the various insurance agencies we contract with pay us a fee to ensure you so, you know you’re getting unbiased advice and service as we have the ability to write most of the carriers in the marketplace for Home and Auto insurance in Houston, TX or surrounding areas.  

Our licensed counselors will take the time to actually explain what you have and help you identify what areas of your overall risk management plan are weak. Actually knowing what you have and are exposed to is huge in identifying the best available plan among several large national insurance companies.

Call Us Today for Your Free Quote

Get Auto or Home Insurance Quote

Call us today for a free quote.  All we will need are copies of declarations pages for home and auto.  Once these are in hand with just two or three small pieces of information related to you, we can shop dozens of A-rated insurance companies like: Travelers, Safeco, Progressive, UPC, The Hartford, Met Life, AIG, Chubb, and so many more.  

Or if you prefer, browse our website and then complete a contact form when you’re ready to discuss numbers for home and auto. Our web address is: www.ihsinsurance.net. Chances are if you’ve been with the same carrier for a long time you may be paying more than you need.  Insurance is cyclical and will incrementally go up over time, in some cases even if you don’t file any claims!  

At I H S we stand committed to shopping your insurance periodically to avoid paying more than is necessary for these very real and present risks you take on.  At IHS you’ll always get that good down home service you have come to know and love from other small businesses in the area. Thank you and we certainly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business each and every year.


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