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Affordable Alternative To Obamacare Is Available

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Hospital Indemnity Plans Could Help You Save

Most American’s with individual health insurance policies or ACA/Obamacare plans are frustrated and exhausted from the constant flux and uncertainty in the insurance industry over the last several years.  

We are able to provide an  alternative to ACA/Obamacare and traditional health plans.

A great product that we are able to offer our customers who would like to avoid traditional or Obamacare health plans is a Hospital Indemnity Plan.  It is an alternative to other medical plans that have sky high prices with non-existent coverage.

A Hospital Indemnity Plan differs from a traditional health plan because it:  

is a type of plan that pays a set amount (per day, per week, per month,  per visit) if you are admitted to the hospital.

This allows an individual to cover the less expensive costs of doctor’s visits, check-up, etc. at a “contracted rate” while protecting against the potentially crippling major expenses that might come with hospitalization.

(A contracted rate is the price that a provider would charge an insurance carrier.  Most providers will offer customers with a plan that doesn’t cover the service provided this rate which is dramatically lower in most cases)

The Hospital Indemnity Plan Offers Benefits Such As:

  • Utilizes the Private Health Care Systems PPO network
  • Choice of Amount of Coverage per covered person per calendar year
  • Choice of Deductible Amount
  • Separate Hospital and Outpatient Deductibles, Outpatient Deductible only $50/yr.
  • Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC) plan available to 1099 self-employed individuals
  • In many cases will qualify you for a “contracted” rate with health care providers

Some Things To Consider:

  • These policies do have qualifying health questions which may disqualify those with serious health conditions
  • There is a standard 12 month waiting period on pre-existing conditions
  • This type of plan is not an ACA compliant “qualified” plan with the exception of the MEC plan for 1099 business owners

This is a fantastic alternative to an Obamacare plan as well as traditional health plans with sky-high premium costs.

These plans are perfect for those who are in good health and want a plan they can afford and protections them from the most crippling medical costs that could potentially be a financial disaster!  

With continued change in the insurance industry  almost guaranteed in the future it is so important to evaluate what option is right for you and your family!

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E. Steele

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