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Individual PPO Insurance in Texas Now Offering Additional Coverage

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PPO Value-Added Services

Several PPO individual insurance medical policies in Texas now feature value-added services and features that enhance the total coverage package at no additional cost to the policyholder.   

The TeleDoc Feature

One in particular that many of our clients really enjoy is the “Tele Doc” feature. With this feature, you have 24/7 access to physicians via telephone. This really makes consultations with a physician much more convenient and cost-effective.  The Tele Doc is integrated into many PPO plans at no cost and there is no fee for the use of this service! It sure does beat the heck out of getting in the car and driving in to see a local doctor in person and having to pay anywhere from 20 to as much as a 50 dollar copay.

TeleDoc Services Can be More Convenient

Granted there are times when seeing a physician in person makes sense.  However, for common colds or illnesses that can be easily diagnosed over the phone, it makes perfect sense to call it in.  Also in a lot of cases, illnesses can occur late at night or on weekends when conventional physicians are not available so, having this feature added to your health insurance can be an invaluable asset.  

TeleDocs & Prescription Medications

The Tele Doc can also even prescribe medications to you and can even call those medications into your local pharmacy for pick up. The doctor can prescribe most medications like antibiotics but, cannot prescribe controlled substances like ADHD medication or pain medications.  So, you’d need to continue to see your regular physician for these medications.

Medical Billing Negotiations

Some individual health insurance plans in Texas also have partnered with the Karis group to offer medical billing negotiations for larger medical bills where the PPO network does not afford a significant discount.  This really comes in handy on some of those emergency room visits or expensive tests that can run into the thousands of dollars.

So long as the bills exceed 2500 dollars, Karis would negotiate with your provider for a reduced fee similar to the negotiations insurance carriers or Medicare undertake with medical providers.  This feature too is typically added at no cost to you, providing you and your family with even more protection from unusually high medical bills.

In most cases, Karis is able to negotiate down medical bills anywhere from 25% to as much as 90% lower. One policyholder, in particular, had his nuclear stress test reduced from 5000 dollars all the way down to 500.  After the PPO indemnity policy paid there portion, the client ended up owing 0 to the provider!

Reach Out for a No-Obligation Quote

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