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5 Good Reasons to Get Homeowners Insurance

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Why You Need to Buy Homeowner’s Insurance

Disasters are often thought of as things that only happen to others. Many people are cocooned within a false sense of security that they’ll always dodge catastrophe. A house is an enormous investment and if you ignore potential risks, the consequences could be dire.

In order to protect your home, your family and your peace of mind, consider investing in homeowners insurance in Texas. Here are 5 good reasons to get homeowners insurance.

1) Where’s My Stuff?

According to the FBI, approximately 1 million residential burglaries were committed in 2015. This equated to $2,296 of losses per property.

Homeowners insurance generally covers your loss if personal items are stolen. The personal property limits are a percentage of your dwelling coverage, standardizing how much you’ll be reimbursed.

Installation of a home security system can also be beneficial and may qualify for a homeowner’s insurance discount. Our firm, providing outstanding homeowners insurance in Texas, can discuss with you how this additional measure can benefit you.

2) Takes the “Bill” out of Liability

Homeowners insurance can also deflect lawsuits concerning injury suffered on your property. Say little Johnny next door unsuccessfully attempts to balance on your brick wall. If he’s injured, you may be held legally accountable.

Liability coverage can assist you in paying medical bills, legal fees and lost wages. IHS Insurance Group, LLC is one of the homeowner’s insurance companies in Texas here to help clarify this for you.

3) When Mother Nature’s Angry

Basic homeowners insurance policies generally cover damage caused by these natural disasters. As one of the home insurance companies in Texas working with highly rated national carriers, IHS will be there in the wake of disaster for the following:

  • Explosion
  • Vandalism
  • Falling Objects
  • Thunderstorm
  • Weight of Ice, Snow, Sleet
  • Windstorm / Hail

Most homeowners policies exclude the following events. However, supplementary coverage can be purchased from the best home insurance companies in Texas for additional peace of mind:

  • Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Landslides
  • Floods / Mudflow
  • Hurricanes
  • Nuclear War or Nuclear-Type Accident

In most cases, homeowners insurance pays for damages. Be sure it does so on a replacement cost basis rather than an actual cash value basis. Many homeowners insurance companies in Texas can help you navigate the red tape.

4) The Lender Is Always Right

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), if you have a mortgage you are usually obligated to have homeowners insurance. This way, the lender protects their investment. Without homeowners insurance your lender may purchase a policy in your name, tacking the cost onto your monthly payments. IHS Insurance Group, LLC, helps ensure this doesn’t happen.

Home Away from Home

Homeowners insurance provides shelter if disaster strikes. Numerous policies pay for interim housing if your home is uninhabitable. Additionally, it may cover hotels, laundry, restaurant meals and pet boarding costs. However, standard home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage nor provide for related living expenses.

Get a Homeowner’s Insurance Quote

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, but the cost of insurance doesn’t have to be. As an independent brokerage firm, we only engage with the most esteemed national carriers to provide our customers with top-notch service. Find out more information about how we can serve your homeowners insurance needs, or fill in the form to have one of our agent contact you today.