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Keep Energy Cost Down & Avoid Costly Repairs During Winter

Now that it is officially fall it is a good idea to winterize the home before cold fronts and freezing temperatures begin.  A few simple steps can help keep winter energy costs down, ensure your home and family are safe if extreme weather occurs and also guard against unnecessary damage that could be costly!

Here are a few easy tips to winterize your home so that you can welcome winter with peace of mind:
  • Clean gutters

    • Clear gutters of all leaves and debris.  It is also a good idea to save yourself the trouble in the future by installing leaf guards.
  • Check Caulk and Weatherstripping on Doors & Windows

    • Repairing and updating caulk and weatherspripping around doors and windows can help keep the cold out and increase energy efficiency.
  • Check Your Heating System

    • Giving the heating system a test run, replace filter and making sure everything is working properly is a good idea!  Many companies have fall specials to do a system check at a low, discounted price.  Money well spent!
  • Take A Look At The Roof

    • Checking for damaged shingles, loose gutters or other issues on your roof is very important.  Roof repair or replacement can be one of the most expensive costs to homeowners, so the effort is well worth it!
  • Clean The Chimney

    • Having a professional come clean the fireplace or using a chimney cleaning product is a smart idea before putting it to regular use during the winter.  Be sure to carefully inspect your chimney to determine what level of maintenance is appropriate for your situation.
  • Prepare The Patio

    • Outdoor living space is usually a big investment and its a good idea to keep your deck looking good and avoid damage by adding a fresh coat of sealer before cold weather hits.

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