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Don’t Miss Savings On Your RV Insurance

RV driving on road

American’s love to get out and explore our beautiful nation and all of the history and gorgeous landscapes that it offers.

A favorite mode of transportation for many is to travel by RV. A growing trend in the United States is the number of retirees as well as young families who either live extended periods of time or full-time in their RV’s touring the country.

As with any vehicle it’s important to have insurance in place for the “what-ifs” that come along, especially out on the road.  But, as with many other types of insurance coverage many people miss the opportunity to take advantage of available savings on their RV insurance.

Safeco, one of our great home and auto insurance carriers offers some amazing tips on maximizing saving on your RV insurance.  So, take a look and check it out!  There may be more than one savings option you should take advantage of and keep some money in your pocket.

Check out their great brochure:

Michael & Elizabeth Steele and daughters

If you are interested in taking advantage of some savings opportunities or are just interested in comparison shopping your coverage give us a call!! We would love to save you some money!  Insurance is important, but we don’t want you to spend too much!  Your saving could mean more adventures and precious memories with the ones you love!  Happy and safe travels from our RV’ing family to yours!


E. Steele


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