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Protect Your Home In Peak Hurricane Season!

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How to Keep Your Home Safe During Hurricane Season

With hurricane season at its peak August 17 through September 2 it is important for everyone in potentially affected areas to be well prepared.  When you properly prepare your home and family a great deal of damage and tragedy can be avoided.

Important Hurricane Season Preparations :

  • Stock-up on disaster supplies: flashlights, candles, matches, batteries, gas for gas grill, bottled water, first aid kit, cash and spare gasoline.
  • Trim or remove damaged trees and/or tree limbs
  • make any necessary repairs to roof or gutters
  • Purchase a portable generator or install one if preferred
  • Check windows and door for any leaks or loose latches
  • Consider getting materials to cover windows if your house does not have storm shutters
  • Purchase an inexpensive battery operated radio

One of the most important precautionary measures is to regularly check the weather for any potential hurricane activity. If there is a system(s) building that could potentially strengthen into a hurricane it is important to monitor its progress.

If a hurricane is on course to make landfall near your home it can make all of the difference to properly prepare ensure that you and your family are a safe and well prepared as possible.  Some of the easiest preparations can end-up preventing unnecessary injury, damage to home or property and other emergency situations.

Important Preparations to Complete 12 Hours Before A Hurricane Makes Landfall:

  • Double check trees and shrubs to clear any limbs or debris that could damage your home or property
  • Secure or reinforce any areas of the roof or gutters that could potentially cause water damage
  • If at all possible cover windows with boards or tarp is you do not have storm shutters
  • Bring plants, patio furniture or any loose items that could cause damage into house or garage
  • Pull vehicles into a garage if possible
  • Create a family disaster plan
  • Notify friends and family of where you will be
  • Fully charge cell phones and other technology
  • Double check disaster supplies and stock-up anything needed.
  • Have candles, flashlights and first aid kit set out and ready.
  • Set-up radio or phone disaster notifications to closely monitor hurricane activity

There are many important things to consider and prepare when anticipating hurricane season or one making landfall.  For more information on how to properly prepare, protect your home and maximize your safety as you prepare for hurricane season please take advantage of the following resources:

If you have any concerns about whether your home and/or flood insurance is adequate in preparing for potential damage caused by a hurricane, please call us today.  Making sure that you have the proper coverage is one of the easiest preparations that you can make.  We are happy to offer you a free evaluation and shop all of the major carriers to find you the best price possible on the coverage you need.

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