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New Medicare ID Cards Being Issued

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The Social Security Administration has updated Medicare Identification cards and will distribute them April 2018 through April 2019. 

The change was made in an effort to prevent identity theft that victimizes seniors on Medicare.  The new cards will have a unique Medicare identification number rather than displaying an individual’s social security number.

 What You Need To Do:

1. Be careful to open all of your mail

Government agencies including the Social Security Administration will send sensitive documents in unmarked or plain envelopes.  So, be careful to open all of your mail so that you do not mistakenly throw away your new Medicare Identification Card!

2. Make sure your address on file is correct

As the Social Security Administration has begun mailing the new Medicare ID cards you need to call social security at 1-800-772-1213 or login to your account at ssa.gov.myaccount to verify that your address on file is correct.  If you have moved or had your mail forwarded recently you want to be sure your new ID card does not arrive at the wrong address.

3. Beware of Fraud

Medicare will not be calling members to ask them for personal information regarding the new Medicare ID cards.  If anyone should call claiming to be a Medicare representative and requests your social security number or personal information, hang up! Medicare fraud and scams are an issue you want to guard against.

4. Provide your insurance carrier with your new Medicare ID number

When you do receive your new Medicare card you need to be certain and contact your healthcare providers with your new identification number.


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