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Goodrx.com: Extraordinary Prescription Savings

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GoodRx can help you save on prescriptions

The high cost of prescription medications is a struggle that many Americans face.  For many, although they have health insurance, the associated prescription drug coverage is poor.

A fantastic option for those who would like to explore savings options on their medications is www.goodrx.com.  This website could save you and your family a great deal!  The website offers price comparison among local pharmacies as well as discount coupons.

These prescription drug coupons are not a “discount card” and the majority of large pharmacy chains accept them.Searching your prescriptions is very easy.  You simply enter the name of you medication, your city and state.  Once identified you can adjust the formula, dosage and quantity of the prescription to see your savings options.


Here is a great example of some very common medications and their price comparisons here in Tomball, TX:

  • Lipitor – High Cholesterol Medication
    • Kroger     Cash Price $61.00     With Coupon $12.60     Savings = $48.40
    • Walgreens     Cash Price $145.00     With Coupon $31.47     Savings = $113.53
    • Rite-Aid     Cash Price $152.00     With Coupon $76.78     Savings = $75.22
  • Zithromax (Z-pak) – Antibiotic
    • HEB     Cash Price $38.00     With Coupon $13.21     Savings = $24.79
    • Kroger     Cash Price$43.00     With Coupon $13.21     Savings = $29.79
    • Walgreens     Cash Price $34     With Coupon $15.58    Savings = $18.42
  • Flonase (nasal spray)
    • Kroger     Cash Price $52.00     With Coupon $15.11     Savings = $36.89
    • HEB     Cash Price $71.00     With Coupon $19.00     Savings = $52.00
    • CVS     Cash Price $62.00     With Coupon $38.87     Savings = $23.13

Take a look on Good Rx’s Website to see how much you can save on your prescription drug costs!

*These costs vary by medication, location and change over time.  Search your medications carefully and check them occasionally to maximize your savings!

It is one of our top priorities at IHS Insurance Group to make every effort to assist others in saving money on their insurance coverage and health care services.  We pride ourselves on our reputation of saving our customers as much money as possible, so we hope that this information will be helpful to you and your family!

If you would be interesting in exploring other areas where we can save you money please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are a full-service agency and can accommodate almost any of your insurance coverage needs!  Just as you may not have realized how much money you could save using the Good Rx website, you would be surprised how much we can save you on your insurance coverage!

E. Steele

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