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Walmart Joins The Retail Health Clinic Movement

Walmart launches in-store health clinics.

Walmart launches in-store health clinics

Walmart’s motto “Save Money. Live Better” is taking on a whole new meaning as Walmart is launching a handful of in-store health clinics.  These alternatives to the traditional physician’s office have become an increasingly popular option geared toward offering people an inexpensive option when they require routine treatment and diagnostics.  Not surprisingly, this trend has been well-received here in Texas and has proven a very successful venture for the retail companies who have already installed clinics in their stores.

Walmart’s Care Clinics will offer walk-in appointments at the low price of $40-$65 a visit and will offer treatment for the most common conditions and illnesses such as:

  • cold, allergy and flu
  • respiratory, sinus and bladder infection treatment
  • acne, warts, insect bites & stings

Basic services and screenings are also offered including:

  • blood pressure screening
  • blood sugar testing
  • common vaccines
  • school/camp physicals

A similar trend toward Minor Emergency Clinics has also become a fast-growing movement making alternatives to the traditional hospital emergency room a more affordable option.

One has to wonder how private physicians and hospitals will be affected by these trends toward more convenient and affordable health care.  Price check on Dr. Smith’s yearly earnings!

E. Steele

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