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Why Americans Avoid The Doctor

Doctor standing with arms crossed

Excuses for avoiding the doctor

In the United States we enjoy the most advanced health care in the world.  People from all over the world fly into the United States when they require advanced or specialized medical attention.  So why do so many Americans avoid visiting the doctor for the simplest issues?  Americans make a lot of different excuses why not to go to the doctor.  A recent research study polled over 1,000 American adults asking why they avoid the doctor’s office and results revealed:

  • 24 % Said it’s because they have no health insurance
  • 21% Said that they are embarrassed to discuss the reason for their visit
  • 19% Said that they feel the cost of the visit is too high
  • 18% Said the anticipated service needed isn’t covered by their insurance
  • 13% Said that they worried about getting bad news concerning their health
  • 7% Cited some other reason

When participants were asked what their biggest pet peeves about visiting the doctor are the results revealed the most common include:

  1. They hate the long wait
  2. Concerned about being exposed to germs
  3. Don’t like filling out all of the required paperwork
  4. Having to miss work and other obligations

Clearly, Americans have a lot of reasons why they avoid the doctor’s office and frustrations they feel when they do visit the doctor.

So how about once they do give in a visit their doctor?  How many are actually completely candid when they discuss their concerns with their physician? When participants were asked if they have lied to a doctor:

  • 54% Have lied to their doctor
  • 46% Tell their doctor the truth

Among those who were dishonest with their doctor, the most common reasons were:

  • bad eating habits
  • lack of exercise
  • sex-related issues
  • smoking
  • alcohol
  • drugs

Although there are certainly many reasons to avoid or be frustrated with the process of being seen by your physician, if you have a legitimate concern it’s time to “bite the bullet” and get in to see the doctor.  Regular check-ups can help to avoid high-anxiety about what results may be, or if symptoms are the result of a serious condition that has gone unidentified for a very long time.  Feelings of avoidance and frustration will always be an issue when anticipating a doctors visit, but protecting your health should always be worth a little bit of anxiety or frustration!

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E. Steele

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